Aktuell keine Sendungen nach USA, Australien, NZ möglich, nur DHL Premium möglich.
Currently no shipments to USA, Australia, NZ possible, only DHL Premium.


The shipping costs depend on your product choice and method of payment and delivery country. For hangers the shipping costs starts from 2,99€. Please use the shipping costs calculator. Simply place the product in the shopping cart and there is the calculater for the shipping costs. To add an item to the shopping basket is absolutely non-binding, since it caused no further obligations.

Our Logistic Partners:


The perfect shipment for all who want insurance, tracking and fast delivery. All info here: DPD Flexzustellung. Order deadline: Mon-Fri 12 am. No delivery on saturday.


Quickly and cheap as letter. All info here: Deutsche Post Brieflaufzeiten. Please note: No tracking. Order deadline: Mon-Fri 12 am, Sat 10 am.


Quickly and cheap as registrated letter. Please note: tracking in many countries possible. Order deadline: Mon-Fri 12 am, Sat 10 am.


Deutsche Post Letter Prio. Tracking. All info here: Deutsche Post Prio. Order deadline: Mon-Fri 12 am, Sat 10 am.


Deutsche Post Warenpost International. Tracking possible. All infos here: Deutsche Post Warenpost International. Order deadline: Mon-Fri 12 am, Sat 10 am.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.